The Tool

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At its core, Lingotrack is an innovative language-learning platform that empowers you to track your progress and connects you with foreign media. This site serves as a space for you as a language enthusiast to:

  1. Find and share accessible foreign content — the explore page, robust search functionality, and crowd-sourced metadata + lists mean that your next interesting, level-accessible article of media is just a few clicks away.
  2. Track your journey — whether you're immersing yourself in books and podcasts or diving into tasks like flashcards and schoolwork, we're here for you. Wave goodbye to Google Sheets or Notion; welcome instead hyperautomated templates and a learner-tailored setup, all accompanied by a rich array of visualizations, library filters , and aesthetic goodies!
  3. Connect with fellow learners — whether you're exploring friends' progress updates, taking on shared reading challenges, or delving into insightful media reviews, you're stepping into a vibrant community that's here to motivate and inspire.

We are different:

  • While other platforms like GoodReads or Letterboxd often zero in on a single type of media, we take a broader approach! By embracing a wide variety of content types, we enhance your language learning adventure in ways that generic tools simply can't.
  • Effortless, language-agnostic tracking is at the core of our approach — we support hundreds of languages and offer everything from auto-updating goals to speech-based activity logging. Gain detailed insights with just a few minutes per week!
  • Native platforms are just that — meant for natives — and so lack crucial information like unique word counts, resource-level reviews, difficulty ratings, or ease-arranged collections that help in finding appropriate content. We're here to fill that gap.

The Team

Currently a one-person show! I'm Simon Ilincev , a freshman at Cornell University and incorrigible linguaphile. I started working on Lingotrack in late 2022 after becoming frustrated with existing means of keeping public track of my Chinese literature consumption. Been building and refining it ever since!

The interested learner can find me on Lingotrack , GitHub , LinkedIn , or view my personal site .

Simon Ilincev

A special word of thanks goes to members of this language-learning Discord server for continued feedback and support, as well as Daria Badger for invaluable poster-design help!

The Tech

Creating this site took a lot of work, and would have been impossible entirely without a number of open-source technologies. As an expression of thanks and bit of info for any curious devs, I'm listing the main ones below:

  • TypeScript — JavaScript that's actually fun to write
  • Svelte + SvelteKit — a stellar pair of frontend frameworks
  • Go — blazingly fast to code and run server-side
  • PostgreSQL — for a rock-solid database experience
  • Flowbite — makes up for my nonexistent design skills

Additionally, if you work in the tech world and are impressed by what I've built here, please consider reaching out — I'm currently on the hunt for a summer SWE internship!

The Trajectory

Lingotrack isn't one of those half-forgotten projects that gets updated once or twice in forever. It's always in active development, and while a lot of that may be behind-the-scenes optimization, you can rest assured that something is happening by following the public Trello kanban .